Hey Hip-Hop Heads,

cream design was born out of Hip-Hop and the music that inspires us everyday. For enjoyment we’ve curated a collection of Spotify playlists to amplify this.

Each track is carefully hand-picked, creating a symphony of beats that resonate with the Hip-Hop heartbeat. These are not just random tracks; they’re a musical journey we’ve crafted for you to vibe with. Hip-Hop is alive today in these songs!

Many new Playlists will come soon, follow us for updates on new releases. 💛


Best of Rap 💯🎤

A curated collection of arguably the most influential and skilful mastery of Hip-Hop. Spanning different eras and styles, this playlist showcases the evolution and richness of the genre.

Stoner Symphony 🌌

Laid-back, genre-bending tunes, primarily rooted in Hip-Hop. Ideal for unwinding, contemplating, or simply enjoying a chilled-out vibe.

Disclaimer: We enable fans to listen to Hip-Hop culture by creating playlists for them to listen to, supporting the artists. The playlists are curated for personal enjoyment and are not intended for commercial promotion or endorsement of any products. Enjoy the vibes.