cream design x Clipper


Enjoy these reusable lighters officially customized in collaboration with Clipper. You can find a dedicated Clipper for every design released. For everyone that likes surprises, we have offer the MYSTERY PACKAGE, which includes one random lighter at a discounted price.

sustainability & material

Cream design embodies the idea of leading by example in the clothing industry through offering products made under responsible working conditions and with high environmental standards.

This product was custom-made by Clipper. Clipper fights repeated plastic waste by selling lighters, which can be reused as often as you want to. For example, gas and flint can easily be refilled. Additionally, Clipper uses nylon, a very strong plastic which allows the use of less material. Moreover, 34% of each Clipper’s material is made out of recyclable material and 60% of the energy consumed during the production comes from renewable sources. This information is provided without liability as it’s taken from the official Clipper site.

payment and return policy

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If for any reason you decide to return your order, you can do so within 14 days upon receipt. You may refer to our return policy for elaborate details.