Welcome to CREAM DESIGN – the destination for any passionate Hip-Hop fan. Founded by friends tired of the merchandise status quo, we’re all about shaking things up.

We design high-quality, creative streetwear inspired by Hip-Hop culture and your favourite artists. Our designs echo the rebellious essence of hip-hop, connecting fans with their passion for music in a fresh, meaningful way.

Inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan’s anthem, ‘C.R.E.A.M’, our name is a testament to the culture we represent. We’re not just a brand – we embody Hip-Hop culture. Join the movement by following @creamdesignofficial.

the solution…

meaningful designs

Our designers professionally combine passion, research, the music’s vibe and creativity into designs fans actually appreciate. By choosing quality over quantity, we create designs that speak to you, often with hidden easter eggs only a real fan can identify. Visit the product page to read up what inspired designs and the meaning behind them.

luxury quality

Cream design has very high-quality and production standards. With our slightly oversized fit it’s perfectly aligned to the classical Hip-Hop look.


Long story short, unlike most of the fashion industry, we will never be part of exploiting countries where people are literally dying on the streets. Nor do we want to be responsible for harming our environment. Our clothing is manufactured under responsible working conditions containing several certifications. Feel free to read further information on the dedicated product pages.

Your opinion counts!

Cream design is a community for all Hip-Hop related topics and we want it to shape our future. What are your ideas? What is your favourite Rapper you want us to inspire designs from? Let’s meet up on our Instagram and become part of the community!

We are not afraid to tell you the truth behind our products and will continue to be as transparent as possible in the future. Cream design is and will always be a passionate place to buy luxurious and ethical Hip-Hop apparel with designs that truly speak to fans. Follow us on Instagram to accompany us on this journey and take a step towards making the world a better place.